Automatically assign roles to users when they join your server!

The Auto-role module allows you to automatically assign a role to new members. The bot will automatically assign these roles to anyone who joins the server.

Adding a role?

To add a role simply click the + button on the role adder input. Select a role from the dropdown. You can add as many roles as you like from multiple servers. To remove a role click the X button next to the role.


This will automatically add a role to a user when they join the server.

If no channels appear, make sure your bot is in a server. You can then refresh the list

Membership screening?

Membership screening allows you to set up rules that new members must explicitly agree to before they can talk, react, or DM Other members.

Discord Automatically has this implemented, with BotGhost you can now add roles when users accept the rules in the Membership Screening.

How do I add it?

Head over to the Auto-Role module and scroll down to Membership Verification. If you wish to enable it, click the dropdown box and click "enabled". You can add a role for when a user accepts the rules. To add a role, scroll down to Membership Screening Verification Roles, click the "+" and then add the role of your choice.

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