This page will show how to set up Reddit Thread announcements.

Setting up Subreddit Announcements:

Step 1: Enabling Reddit Module

  • You'll need to enable the module itself before setting up announcements. To do so, head on over to the BotGhost Dashboard & locate the Reddit Module in the "Social Integrations" section:

  • Once on the module page, towards the top of the screen next to the module name and description, you should see an orange button saying "Enable". Click on the button to enable the module and press "Save changes" once complete. If it says "Disable" then that means the module is already enabled:

Step 2: Adding A Subreddit Target

  • To start receiving subreddit post notifications to your server, you need add a subreddit to your tracking list. First, you'll need to paste the subreddit you wish to track for example "news, fortnite, discordapp":

  • Following on, you need to set the cooldown time so that posts aren't spammed in your channel:

  • Once done, press "Add" which can be located at the bottom of the window. Make sure to press "Save changes" after to save your work.

How to delete a tracked subreddit?

  • To delete a tracked subreddit, scroll down till you see the section with the title "Tracked Subreddits" and locate the subreddit that you want to delete and press the dropdown menu on the right hand side:

  • At the bottom of the window, there should be a grey "Delete" button. Click on it to delete it and make sure to press "Save changes":

Experiencing issues or need help with the Reddit module? Checkout our support options here

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