This page will show how to set up the Twitter Announcements

Setting up Twitter Announcements:

Step 1: Enabling Module

  • You'll need to enable the module itself before setting up announcements. To do so, head on over to the BotGhost Dashboard & locate the Twitter Module in the "Social Integrations" section:
  • Once on the module page, towards the top of the screen next to the module name and description, you should see an orange button saying "Enable". Click on the button to enable the module and press "Save changes" once complete. If it says "Disable" then that means the module is already enabled:

Step 2: Adding a Twitter Target

  • To start receiving tweet notifications, you'll need to set up a Twitter Target. First, you'll need to type in the username of the account you wish to receive tweet notifications from:
Hint: You'll just need the username, no direct link or an @ before the username. Be aware, this is case sensitive. Learn how to get a Twitter username
  • Underneath that section, select the channel you want the bot to send tweet notifications to. Make sure to press the
    icon to reload your guild data in order to see the correct sever channels that your bot can post to:
  • Once you've selected a server, click the orange "Add" button and make sure to press "Save changes":

How to get a Twitter username?

  • To get the twitter username of an account you'll need to first open up the account on Twitter. Once on the account page, underneath their profile picture and name, it will display their twitter username (e.g @GetBotGhost). Copy and paste that into the "Twitter Handle" section without the @ symbol at the beginning:

How to delete a Twitter handle?

  • To delete a saved twitter handle, scroll down till you see the section with the title "Tracked Twitter Handles". Locate the twitter handle that you want to delete and press the dropdown arrow next to the name on the right hand side:
  • Once opened, you should see a grey "Delete" button at the bottom. Click on the button to delete the twitter handle and remember to press "Save changes" afterwards:
Experiencing issues or need help with the Twitter module? Checkout our support options here