Billing & Subscription

Do you require assistance regarding to billing, premium or subscriptions? Read everything about it below!

Canceling a subscription?

BotGhost uses a self serve subscription management system which allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. If you want to cancel subscription for any reason what so ever, you could do this at the Chargebee Custom Portal. Here you can cancel your current subscription(s) by logging in with your subscription email. Unable to login to this portal? Click here!​
Canceling a subscription will NOT refund the subscription! Canceling a subscription will NOT cause your premium token(s) to be deleted. The token(s) stay until your subscription plan is expired!

Refunding a subscription?

If you are not pleased, made a wrong choice, or if you changed your mind within seven days after making a subscription, you may request a refund. You may request a refund from joining the BotGhost Discord Server or by mailing to [email protected] .

Customer Portal (Chargebee)

If you are interested in your subscription and/or payments you have made at BotGhost, you may visit our customer portal page at Chargebee. Chargebee is our payment service provider which gives you the ability to overview your subscription, payments, invoices, and the option to cancel your subscription. You can log in onto the Chargebee Customer Portal by using your BotGhost subscription email!

Billing & Subscription Support Ticket

Via a 'Billing & Subscription Support Ticket' are you able to get support in a private space, which will be your email inbox. A ticket can be submitted through our Discord support server. We strive to answer these tickets personally within 48h on business days, weekends may take longer. These tickets are safe and can't be seen by others, as we fully respect your privacy and safety here at BotGhost.
You may always create a 'Billing & Subscription Support Ticket'! Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible about your request, question, or other type of support matter!
You might be unable to join our Discord server to create a support ticket, in this case you may email [email protected] for billing, premium or subscription related question, inquiries or requests.