Support Server

Do you require assistance? Read everything about it below!

Discord Support Server

Our Discord support server boasts a community of over 82,000 members. Whether you need assistance from our support bot, fellow community members, or staff team, we're here to help. For our premium members and server boosters, we offer a private support channel with an extra premium touch for their questions and support. To join our server and access our support resources, click here!

Billing & Subscription Ticket

You are able to create a Billing & Subscription ticket through our Discord support server if you are having questions, requests, or other support matters about this subject. For more info about this, click here!

Community Chats

In our community chats, it's possible to chat with other people who use BotGhost to create their own custom bot. You are able to share information or to help each other when needed. You may join our server here!