Want to share access with your bot to other people? Co-Create allows faster and more productive working speeds!

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to work on a bot at the same time. If a user with an older version of the dashboard saves their dashboard, this will override the previously saved version.

What is Co-Create?

Co-Create is a very powerful and useful tool, for premium subscriptions, for multiple people to work on the same bot together. The co-create module can only be used together with an active premium subscription.

Giving Access

Want to give somebody access to your bot? It's very simple! Simply enable the module and press the 'Regenerate Link' button. Once you share this link with your friends they too will have all access to your bot!

The co-creator is not required to have its own BotGhost bot in order to edit yours.

Regenerating your links will disable all other links you've created, anyone who has received a link and has not used it yet will need a new link to access your dashboard.

List of Co-Creators

Here you can view all of your Co-Creators, these are people you gave your link to and have access to your dashboard.

Removing Creators

Removing creators is simple, all you need to do is click on the users name.. poof they are no longer on your dashboard meaning they no longer have access to your bot!

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