Unsure on how to use the search module? Here's how to set it up and locate the module and its commands.

How to setup the module?

  • Once on the module page, scroll down till you see a section with the title "YouTube API Key"; enter your unique key here and press "Save changes":

What's a YouTube API Key & how to get one?

A YouTube Data API key is required from Google API's to search and play music from YouTube. This is free to generate and comes with 10,000 API calls a day. You can apply to increase the API key through the Google API dashboard.

How to get a YouTube Data API key

Watch this video here.

  • You can name your project anything you wish

  • Ensure you click Enable on the YouTube Data API v3

  • Select Web Browser from the 'Where will you be accessing the API from' dropdown

  • Your bot is accessing Public Data

  • Do not restrict your key.

What commands are there?



Search for a Twitch User


Search for videos. A YouTube API Key is required


Search a Term on the Urban Dictionary


Search for a GIF on Imgur


Search for a GIF on Giphy

How to enable/disable commands?

  • First, locate a command that you want to enable/disable. Next to the command, there should be a coloured toggle. If the toggle is orange that means the command is enabled and If it's grey, the command is disabled. Click on the toggle to enable/disable a command:

How to edit a command?

  • You can edit a command's permission, trigger or even it's description. To edit a command, locate the command you want to edit and press directly on it and a window should pop up with the title "Edit Command". Edit the command to your satisfactions and once done press "Save changes" at the bottom and "Save changes" again:

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