Legal Agreement
You are liable for reading and agreeing to our Terms of Service, as breaking these can result in consequences.

Private Info

By authorizing your Discord account to BotGhost you are authorizing use of your email, username, user ID, and other account info to be used for BotGhost purposes. We will not sell your data or collect it for any means other than for use on your BotGhost account.
By authorizing your Bot with BotGhost you are authorizing use of the bots ID, token, username, and other info listed on the Developer portal to be used with the BotGhost application.
It is against Discord TOS as well as our's to leak private data of your account or your bots for our benefit. We are not responsible for any raids or unauthorized clients on your bot. You are responsible for your token, please do not share it!!!
With that said, here is our TOS please make sure to read it over. We are not responsible for you not knowing our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.
Thank you for using BotGhost
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