Voice Kick a Member

Kick a member from a voice channel.

The user must be connected to a Voice Channel to use this action.

The Voice Kick a Member action block will allow you to kick the specified user from a voice channel, whether you wish to use an option, a specific ID, or the user who triggered the command. Optionally, you can specify the reason of why the bot is kicking the user and the server ID.

Block Settings

This action block contains three settings: User, Optional Reason, and Optional Server ID.


The user to kick from the Voice Channel.

The user who triggered the command: The user who triggered the command.

User option: The user option of a user you want to kick. You need to have a user option added to the command.

User ID: The ID of the user that you want to kick.

Optional Reason

An optional reason why the bot is kicking this user. This reason will appear in your server's Audit Log.

Optional Server ID

An optional server ID to search for the user in. Leave blank to find the user in the server the command was triggered in.

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