The Reddit Module allows you to get new posts from any subreddit directly in your discord server.

Enabling Reddit

This module must be enabled in order to be used. To enable, click the Enable button in the top right hand side of the Reddit Module page.

Adding Subreddits to The Tracking List

To receive new posts from any subreddit you must first add the subreddit to the tracking list. To do this, click the Add button in the Add Subreddit Section.

Add a new subreddit to the tracking list

This will bring up a new window where you can add a new subreddit. You must fill in each field.




The subreddit you wish to track. For example news, leagueoflegends, fortnite.

Channel to Post In

The text channel you wish to receive new posts in.

Timeout between posts

The timeout between new posts. This is so your discord channel is not spammed.

Fill out these fields and click add to add the subreddit to the tracking list.

Once you are done save your changes and wait for new posts!

Deleting Tracked Subreddits

To delete a subreddit from the tracking list hover over the subreddit and click the red x.