Below is a tutorial on how to use the Announcements Module
The Announcements module creates messages which are automatically sent when unique events happen in your server.
You can visit the Announcements Module by using the link below, or by clicking here.
Dashboard - BotGhost

Announcements Setup

Recently Discord has required new bots to opt into intents to allow some features to work. This includes the ability to receive certain updates from a server.
For BotGhost announcements to work please ensure that both Presence Intent and Server Members Intent are enabled in your Discord Developer Portal. This is located below where your bot generated its token.
Please ensure that both Presence Intent and Server Members Intent are enabled.

New Announcement

BotGhost supports three announcement types, Join announcements, Leave announcements, and Ban Announcements.

Announcement Name

To create an announcement first give a descriptive name to your announcement in the Announcement Name input. This name will not be displayed to your members and only serves as a description of what the announcement does.

Announcement Content

Next, you must enter the actual content of the announcement. This can either be a plain text announcement or an Embed message. To change the announcement message type click the toggle in the top right corner, just above the announcement message input.
You may use any of the variables below in your announcement. Click on the clipboard to see the available variables.

Post in Channel

Next, select the text channel to post the announcement in. Click on the Post in Channel dropdown and select a channel. If no channels appear click the refresh button above the dropdown.
If no channels appear, ensure that your bot is first in a server and then refresh

Announcement Type

Finally, select the announcement type from the final dropdown. Once selected, click Add to add your announcement to your bot. Click Save changes for your changes to take effect.

Editing your announcements

Any announcement you create can be edited at any time. To edit an announcement click on an announcement to bring up the announcement editor. Once open, you can follow the steps above to
You can also Delete your announcement by clicking the Delete button next to the Save button.


You can use a range of variables in your announcements. To use the command place one of the following commands in your announcement, filling in the required details
The user which the announcement is about. For example a new user, someone who is banned or kicked.
The server which the event occurred in.
Mention a specific user by their username (not nickname). For example Hello {@test#1234).
Mention a specific channel by its name, replace channel with the channels name. For example. 'Server info {#info}
Replaces the variable with the icon of the server
Mentions the owner of the server.
Replaces the variable with the member count of the server.
Replaces the variable with the icon of the new member.
Replaces the variable with a random number between min and max. Replace min with the minimum and max with the maximum. E.g {random[1,10]}