Command Builder

Dragging Blocks

Dragging blocks is a simple task, all you need to do is hover your mouse over the box and then drag it into the main part of the command builder. Afterwards you can connect the blocks together, to create a command.
Please follow the GIF below for a visual aid.

Connecting Blocks

To connect blocks all you need to do is drag from the top dot to the other box you would like to connect to. Separate colored blocks cannot connect to each other, Purple boxes cannot connect to Blue boxes.
Please follow the GIF below for a visual aid.


You can restrict your command to users with certain permissions. If you have a Administrator command you would only want anyone with the ADMINISTRATOR permissions to use it.
For more info you can visit the Permissions page.


Actions can be used to carry out specific commands, such as a command that messages the user that triggered it, or a command that times a specific user out.
For more info you can visit the Actions page.


You can set your command to have specific options like, user, text, number, or choice. These will allow your commands to be more interactive.
For more info you can visit the Options page.


These have not been implemented as of yet.
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Importing Commands

You can implement commands made by other users. You can also create your own share command for other users to use, this can be anything made in the Custom Command Builder.

Experiencing Issues?

Please visit our Issues FAQ or Official Support Server for more help!