Importing and Sharing Custom Commands
With BotGhost you are able to share and import commands made by other BotGhost users.

Sharing Custom Commands.

To share a custom command first head over to the custom commands module in your BotGhost Dashboard. Scroll down to your Custom Commands and open the command you wish to share.
Next, click the Generate Share Code button to generate a share code.
Save your changes, and finally click Copy Share Code to copy the share code to your clipboard.

Importing Commands

To import a custom command to your bot you first need to get a custom command share code. All custom command codes start with CMD_ followed by random numbers and letters. Once you have a share code, head to the custom commands module in your BotGhost dashboard.
Click the Command Builder button to open up the Custom Command Builder.
Once open, click the Import Command button.
Finally, paste the command code and click Import.