Special Thank You to everyone who is working on the Docs!
A special thank you to Tom, the owner and founder of BotGhost he helped create this wonderful and amazing community we see today!
We would like to thank Lilly and our other writers for checking over the docs and making sure they're perfect.
A special thank you to Fqbian Media for making the amazing YT videos and Tutorial GIFs you see around the docs.
A special thank you to athenarebel0 and Lilly for working hard on the docs everyday to make sure every bit of information is there.
A very special thank you to the Development Team! Tom, Sloth, Sigma, and Yuva! We would never be here without you, you guys keep the site and the servers running so we can use the bots to help run the servers!
A thank you to the Staff Team they work 24/7 making sure everyone's bot issues are solved and that everyone has the best support!
And a special thank you to you the viewer, the consumer, the one who is visiting this page! A special thank you to well, YOU! Thank you, for your continuous support in BotGhost, so feel free to visit anytime!
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